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Alexis Starke 
Martyn Ryan
Thomas O'Reilly
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Watson Morgan
Eve Millard
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Don Steinmetz
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Eileen Larkin
Michael Andrea
John Giardiello, Director of the Office of Building, Zoning, Planning & Enforcement

Supervisor Andy Stewart, Liaison


The Orangetown Environmental Committee (OEC) was formed in February 2008 with the mission of protecting and improving our local environment for the health and well-being of all Orangetown residents.  The OEC is an advisory committee comprised of Town Board-appointed volunteers.  The OEC works in a number of areas of environmental concern and is currently organized under the following subcommittees:


The Energy Subcommittee’s goal is the reduction of energy consumption in Orangetown for the purpose of saving money and resources while decreasing pollution and climate impact.  In 2009, the OEC completed its baseline inventory which calculated the total greenhouse gas emissions for Orangetown.   

The Energy Subcommittee is currently working on a Climate Action Plan for Orangetown which will set a target for greenhouse gas reduction and establish goals for reducing energy consumption in Orangetown. 

In 2008, the Energy Committee researched, drafted and promoted Orangetown’s recently passed Energy Star Law.


The Waste Reduction/ Recycling Subcommittee works toward reducing solid waste and improving recycling rates in Orangetown. 

The Waste Reduction/ Recycling Subcommittee organizes Orangetown’s annual Recycling Fair which attracts hundreds of people from Orangetown and beyond.  The fair features  interactive information booths from non-profit groups, municipal departments, and local businesses involved in waste reduction and recycling; the collection of recyclable items not included in curbside pick-up; community swaps and rummage sales; and a variety of activities and art projects for children. 

The Waste Reduction/ Recycling Committee is currently working with the Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority on developing a pilot program to increase recycling rates amongst local businesses. 


The Water Subcommittee aims to increase water conservation in Orangetown (and beyond) and to protect and improve our water resources.  The Water Subcommittee is currently participating in the environmental review process for Suez/ United Water’s proposed Hudson River desalination plant.  Specifically, the Water Committee is questioning the need for this plant and looking for more sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives to this costly proposal. 

The Water Committee is working closely with municipalities throughout the County, State representatives and agencies, and local and regional environmental groups to develop sustainable water management policies, green infrastructure techniques, and water conservation programs for Orangetown and Rockland County. 


The Land Use and Open Space Subcommittee’s goal is to promote environmentally sensitive use of our land and to increase protected open space and environmentally sensitive sites and features in Orangetown. 

The Land Use/ Open Space Subcommittee is currently involved in the environmental review process for the proposed zoning change and conceptual plan at the Town-owned Rockland Psychiatric Center property.

This subcommittee is developing non-toxic landscape maintenance policies for all Town-owned properties. (Similar legislation has already been passed by the County through the efforts of OEC committee members.) The subcommittee will then work on reducing pesticide use throughout the community.

The Land Use/ Open Space Subcommittee is drafting environmentally sensitive sites and features legislation to protect scenic and environmentally significant resources such as wetlands, water resources, steep slopes, and ridge lines. 


The OEC usually meets the last Saturday of each month at 9:45 a.m. at Orangetown Town Hall. The public is welcome to attend these meetings.  OEC subcommittees meet at various times throughout the month.  Please check with Alexis Starke to confirm meeting dates at alexis.starke@gmail.com.


The OEC welcomes interested and motivated new members to join the Committee.  Prospective members should consider which subcommittee is of interest to them.  Prospective members are welcome to attend OEC monthly meetings or subcommittee meetings to find out more about the OEC.  To learn more, please see contact information below.


The OEC welcomes your input and encourages you to bring any ideas, suggestions, and environmental concerns to our attention.  Please contact:    

Martyn Ryan, Chairperson
mjr273@gmail.com     845-359-2327
Andy Stewart, Town Board Liaison
astewart@orangetown.com     845-359-5100 x2261