Units and Teams

The Orangetown Police Department contains numerous specialized units with police officers who have undergone
additional training for particular operations and responses.

The following is a list of some units and teams OPD staffs:

Detective Bureau

Detective Lieutenant J. Brown
Detective Sergeant G. Garrecht


The Detective Bureau has ultimate responsibility for the clearance of all crimes, by the arrest of the perpetrator, and for the recovery of stolen property.

Detectives shall, unless otherwise directed, serve all warrants and legal papers and execute all returns.

The Detective Bureau shall follow up on all cases and complaints assigned to them. They shall interview complainants without delay and obtain all pertinent information unless a crime has been officially closed.  They shall consult the complainant from time to time.


Bureau Office (845) 359-2121

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit

The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit was established in 1997. This unit is responsible for the enforcement of Federal, State and local commercial vehicle laws within the Town of Orangetown.

Members have attended various schools and classes and have learned inspection techniques, weight and dimensional limits, commercial vehicle registration, operator licensing and other techniques regarding the operation of commercial vehicles.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is the successor to the Orangetown Color Guard which was created in 1973 after the deaths of Officer Michael Reedy and Officer Thomas Kennedy.  A hastily formed color guard was assembled for the funeral. Thereafter the Color Guard was created using volunteers and newly purchased equipment, and in memory of the fallen officers, a unit flag was designed and their badge numbers, #57 and #68, were added as part of the design.  This flag was paid for by the Orangetown PBA.  This newly created Color Guard made its first formal appearance that same year at a Rockland Warriors semi-professional football game played at the Marian Shrine in West Haverstraw in honor of the fallen officers and for the benefit of their survivors.  The Orangetown Color Guard was one of the first police units of its type in Rockland County and it and its successor, the Honor Guard,  have appeared in many parades and at Law Enforcement funerals and dedications.

For information and availability: Sergeant Robert Ruggiero (845) 359-7395, Ext. 146

Auxiliary Police

The Orangetown Auxiliary Police has about 40 male and female members. They are unpaid volunteers and are used mainly for traffic details at parades and street fairs and perform other duties such as vacant house checks. They are trained in the use of firearms, but do not carry firearms while on duty. Members are town residents or have businesses or work within the town. Applicants of good moral character are always welcomed to join.

Sergeant Robert Ruggiero 359-7395, Ext. 146