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Orangetown Historical Museum & Archives

Mary Cardenas, Museum Director & Town Historian

Elizabeth Skrabonja, Curator

The Orangetown Historical Museum & Archives
196 Chief Bill Harris Way, Orangeburg, NY 10962
Tel: (845) 398-1302 


The Orangetown Historical Museum & Archives at the DePew House,196 Chief Bill Harris Way, (formerly Blaisdell Road), Orangeburg, NY 10962 


Open to the public Sunday, April 13th, 2014, Exhibition through November 16th, 2014

HOURS: Tuesdays 10 – 2 pm : Sundays 1 – 4 pm 

Admission: your donation 

With a scrapbook being a collection of select memories, carefully preserved and annotated, The Orangetown Historical Museum & Archives upcoming exhibit celebrates this phenomenon. Highlighting donations from several illustrious families in Orangetown, the ‘Scrapbook’ will take the viewer on several personal journeys – spanning centuries and historical milestones – to present a unique perspective of our town. Family photo albums compiled in the late 1800’s, a machinists memories of the Dexter Folding Company , WWII exploits, a farming center disappeared and making a comeback – these are some of the memories we will be exploring. Collecting and preserving our past is the theme of this much anticipated exhibit as we invite the community to get inspired and take a look in their own attics .


AN ORANGETOWN SCRAPBOOK featuring photographs, collectibles and ephemera spanning several centuries, various industries and lifestyles where ‘rich in history’ comes to life.


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Orangetown Historical Museum & Archives

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The Orangetown Historical Museum & Archives was founded in 1992 in order to acquire, preserve and exhibit objects which reflect primarily the history of the Town of Orangetown. The Museum’s additional but not lesser mission is to document, research, promote and publicize the rich historical heritage of the town for the people of Orangetown


The museum is housed in two distinct buildings bearing Dutch sandstone features indicative of the area. The historic SALYER HOUSE at 213 Blue Hill Road in Pearl River, New York is the Museum’s first home and since 2003 has been listed on the register of Historic Places. On view at the Salyer House is a permanent exhibit in three parts: A Spy in Our Midst – Maj. John Andre, Our Dutch Sandstone Houses and At Home in Orangetown.  The DEPEW HOUSE at 196 Chief Bill Harris Way in Orangeburg, New York houses the Museum’s archives and offices. Currently on exhibit; Our Lives in Their Hands – Fire, Police & Emergency Services of Orangetown. Exhibition hours: Tuesdays 10 – 2, Sundays, 1 – 4, donations accepted, tours by appointment. For further information please call: (845) 398-1302.