Finance Department FAQ:

1. I have questions concerning my New York State Employees Retirement account. Who do I contact?

The New York State Retirement System can be contacted by calling 1-866-805-0990 or going to their website at

2. How can I change the amount I contribute to my New York State Deferred Compensation Plan account?

You may increase, decrease or suspend your contributions by calling the HELP LINE at 1-800-422-8463 or through the “my account” section of the plan’s website at In addition, you must always contact the Finance Office with any deferral changes your payroll can be adjusted.

3. How do I get a list of civil service exams currently offered by ROCKLAND County?

All currently offered Civil Service exams are listed on the county’s website at

4. I need to find a doctor that accepts our NEW YORK STATE HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM WITH United Health Care insurance plan. Is a book of providers available?

All United Health Care providers are listed on their website at If you need further information about your Medical benefits you may contact United Healthcare at 1-877-7-NYSHIP.You can request a book listing all providers from our Personnel department.

5. Does the Town offer Direct Deposit for my payroll check?

Yes, and we encourage all employees to use Direct Deposit. It is an efficient and simple way to have your pay deposited directly into your checking or savings account wherever you bank. The form is available in the Finance Office.

6. I would like to change my number of allowances, How do I change my Federal and State withholding taxes?

The forms W-4 for Federal and IT-2104 for State must be filled out, signed and submitted to the Finance Office in order for the changes to be made to your payroll records. The forms are available in the Finance Office or at the websites and