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Town of Orangetown Assessment Roll

2013 Final Assessment Roll (pdf)
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 2012 Final Assessment Roll (pdf)


Assessor Personnel

Brian Kenney

Town Assessor
IAO, NYS General
Certified Appraiser


Karen Serafin

Assessing Clerk II (845) 359.5100 ext 2223

Robin Goldsmith

Real Property Appraiser (845) 359.5100 ext 2206

Katrina Morrison

Data Collector II (845) 359.5100 ext 2224
Hugh Davies
Valuation Assistant (845) 359.5100 ext 2264

 2011-2012 Nanuet School District Tax Increase Explanation

MISSION: To provide fair and equitable valuations to all properties for tax purposes.

EXPLANATION: The assessor assigns a dollar value for each property, whether vacant, improved, residential, or commercial within the Town.  This assessed value is then used as a multiple to calculate each year's tax burden for town, county and school purposes.  For example:


$200,000      a/v  (assessment of a residence)

X .015445     (the town tax or mill rate per $1,000 of assessed value)

$3,089.00     (indicated town tax)

Other related duties of the Assessor:

  • Comply with provisions of NYS Real Property Tax Law:
  • Provide and compile all applications for various NYS exemptions for real property:
  • Calculate and implement Article 19 of RPTL - The Homestead Provision (an apportionment process to determine the percent tax burden shared by the residential and commercial classes of properties);
  • Insure that the proper yearly Equalization Rate issued to the town for county, school and state aid apportionment purposes by New York State is based on reasonable sales and appraisals and if challenged, to provide the necessary basis on which to have the rate recalculated;
  • Provide general assessment information to the Town Board and citizens, especially concerning yearly changes in the law or rules and procedures;
  • Assist in the defense and litigation of all tax challenges, including the Grievance procedure, Small Claims Assessment Review and Tax Certiorari cases;
  • Provide and update tax maps and property records, whether computerized or hard copied.
  • Contact the Assessor
  • If you wish to speak to the Assessor or for appointments on Tuesdays or Thursdays between one and four o’clock, please call or e-mail the Assessor’s Office.


July 1st (previous year) - Valuation Day

All properties are valued as of this date for each assessment roll

March 1st - Taxable Status Day

Properties are valued according to the state or "status" of the property as of this date

May 1st - Tentative Roll Filed

A tentative listing of the new roll's assessments are compiled and published

4th Tuesday in May - Grievance Day

Any party wishing to contest the tentative assessment may appear before the Board of Assessment Review on this date

July 1st - Final Roll Published

All calculated property assessments are used for the upcoming school, town and country tax bills